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MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution

Medicor Imaging is the leading provider of dental PACS worldwide. MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution is the only system needed to acquire, store, and view digital dental images.

Built in accordance with the DICOM 3.0 standard, MiPACS offers a scalable, device-independent, and affordable solution that was once out of reach for the dental industry. Consisting of two pieces—the MiPACS Storage Server and the MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer—it is a complete dental PACS.

Find out more about the products bundled in the MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution:

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Adaptable Industry Solution

MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution can adapt to the workflow of any organization, including:

If your organization does not fall into one of these categories, we would still like to talk to you about how an enterprise dental PACS might be the best solution for you. Feel free to contact Medicor Imaging's sales department at +1-704-227-2629 or

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Key Features

  • Supports the DICOM 3.0 standard
  • Meets HIPAA security regulations
  • Enterprise solution provides a viewing workstation, acquisition workstation and a storage system all in one
  • Supports over 90 digital imaging systems
  • Integration to clinic applications
  • Standard film mounts and the ability to customize
  • Support for intraoral sensors and cameras, phosphor plates, surgical and histological microscopy, and digital cameras
  • Stores MRI and Cone Beam CT images
  • Numerous image enhancement tools
  • Freedom to choose multiple hardware vendors
  • Ease of use
  • All images are stored in a central location and available in one click
  • Training time greatly reduced
  • Interfaces with clinical and patient management software

How is MiPACS Being Used to Solve Real-world Problems?

Medicor Imaging has served thousands of happy customers world-wide. To read more about where MiPACS is installed and how it has helped our customers, check out our: