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Ear, Nose and Throat Practices

MiPACS was designed in cooperation with large ENT practices with a need for PACS imaging in a centralized environment.

This is the only imaging system an ENT practice, or a group of ENT practices, needs in order to archive digital images and provide viewing capabilities universally throughout your organization. MiPACS was built to offer an affordable alternative to mainstream medical PACS, which can be very costly to implement. MiPACS provides you with all the tools you need to view CT, Ultrasound, Laryngoscopy, and all other ENT and Ophthalmology images, without the astronomical cost of most PACS on the market.

ENT PACS Diagram

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Key Features

  • Centralized Image Storage - All of your imaging devices can store images to a single location.
  • DICOM Compliance - MiPACS is compatible with any DICOM-compliant imaging devices and third party applications.
  • Access images anywhere - Images can be made available anywhere throughout an organization.
  • CD/DVD Burning and Printing - MiPACS includes a full-featured, freely-distributable viewer on every disc burned. It can integrate with a conventional disc burner or Primera disc publishing/printing devices.
  • Annotations - Annotations to images can be saved and retrieved later, including measurements, highlights, and notes.
  • Custom Orientation Settings - Default views/orientations can be customized based on brand/model of imaging device, patient position, modality type, and more.
  • Thumbnail Browser - Easily browse thumbnails of multi-slice series to select images for enlarged display.
  • Cine Loop - Browse multi-slice studies automatically with native, on-screen controls for pause, play, speed up, slow down, etc.