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Solutions by Industry

Medicor Imaging has a solution for many different types and sizes of organizations within the dental and medical communities. Focusing primarily on enterprise-level dental organizations, and small-to-medium sized hospitals and imaging centers, Medicor Imaging provides digital imaging solutions to the following industries.

Dental Schools

MiPACS started out as a product for dental schools and has evolved many features specifically for the educational environment. With enterprise-level capabilities, MiPACS has the stability, reliability, and scalability to provide dental schools with a single application for imaging throughout an enterprise network.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Federally Qualified Health Centers often have the same requirements as large enterprises and medical centers for standard compliance, and MiPACS makes keeping your dental imaging DICOM-compliant easy. With support for Modality Worklist queries, support for forwarding to a VNA, images saved in DICOM format 100% of the time, support for HL7 patient updates, and compatibility with virtually every dental imaging device on the market, MiPACS is easily the best choice for an FQHC looking to upgrade their dental imaging capabilities.

Government Agencies

Medicor Imaging has cultivated relationships with several Government Agencies including the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Department of Defense, and State Corrections Institutions. The MiPACS Dental Enterprise PACS is an ideal solution for government agencies with multiple clinics.

Medical Imaging Centers

Medicor Imaging provides an affordable PACS solution for CT, MRI, and other medical imaging centers. The MiPACS Storage Server, along with the MiPACS Web Viewer, provides referring physicians with direct remote access to images acquired at an imaging center.

Multi-Clinic Dental Organizations

Group dental practices, dental practice management firms, and other multi-clinic dental organizations such as HMO, military, and prison dental clinics can benefit from MiPACS' multi-clinic model, which allows enterprise-wide sharing of images, and centralized storage for all clinics.

Don't see your Industry listed?

If you are in the market for a dental or medical PACS imaging solution and don't fit into one of these categories, we still want to talk to you! We have provided unique solutions to hospitals, government health care systems, and specialty medical clinics all over the world. Please contact our sales team to discuss how Medicor Imaging's products and services may fit into your organization.

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