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References and Current Implementations

Below are several quick stories of how and where MiPACS is being used today.

Lackland Air Force Base - Base Dental Clinics (San Antonio, Texas)

Lackland Air Force Base

Four clinics at Lackland Air Force base have installed MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution to give them ultimate flexibility when choosing imaging hardware. Currently, Planmeca and Air Techniques devices are installed, but Lackland has the option to purchase devices from many other vendors as well, without having to purchase new imaging software.

Medicor Imaging worked with Lackland Air Force Base to ensure that MiPACS was fully compliant with the strict security guidelines required for the operation of software on base. Medicor also worked closely with the dental staff on base to simplify their own daily workflow by the development of custom applications.

University of Texas Health - Science Center at San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas)

University of Texas

UTHSCSA's Dental School implemented MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution as an answer to the school's limited digital imaging capabilities. They moved from a system comprised of several proprietary imaging programs to MiPACS: a single, comprehensive application that integrates with nearly all capture devices, which in turn minimizes the need for training.

The school's collaboration with Medicor has made MiPACS a better product through feedback and constructive criticism.

For UTHSCSA, MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution has cut costs, standardized procedures, integrated seamlessly with their patient management software and made the Dental School DICOM-compliant. With the implementation of MiPACS Storage Server, MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer, and Medicor Imaging PMR, the Dental School has made a great leap in technology.

Department of Veteran's Affairs - Fayetteville VA Medical Center (Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Fayetteville Vets Home

Prior to MiPACS, the dental clinic at Fayetteville's VA Medical center was faced with using software from multiple vendors for image capture in a non-DICOM format that wouldn't interact with their hospital-wide VistA Imaging system. With MiPACS now in place, the staff at the clinic can use one application to capture images from any device. Images are now stored in the standard DICOM format, making them compatible with nearly any other system.

The Department of Veteran's Affairs needed a solution that was compatible with the VA's current imaging system, VistA. A MiPACS Storage Server resides at the clinic and automatically communicates with the hospital's VistA Imaging system to store images files for archiving. In addition, MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer queries VistA's modality worklist server.

Columbia University - School of Dental and Oral Surgery (New York City, New York)

Columbia University

The School of Dental and Oral Surgery at Columbia University is known as a leader in research and dental education ever since it was founded in 1852.

When they decided to move to digital imaging, MiPACS Dental Enterprise Solution was implemented to take care of all of their digital imaging needs.

Currently, the school is using MiPACS Dental Enterprise Viewer on over 30 workstations to capture, view, and edit images from many digital capture devices like Schick CDRPAN, AirTechniques Scan-X, Soredex Digora, and Gendex DenOptix. The school is using MiPACS Storage Server as the image repository, which provides them with a DICOM-compliant solution.

Case Studies

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