Serving the Global Dental, ENT, and Radiology Industries With High-Quality DICOM and PACS Solutions

Medicor Imaging provides medical and dental professionals with the industry's best DICOM-compliant digital imaging solutions in MiPACS.

Medicor Imaging, a division of LEAD Technologies, Inc., was created to provide the medical imaging community with products and professional services that will help facilitate a more rapid transition into the digital era. This was in direct response to the requests of LEAD Technologies' clients who were searching for an efficient means of creating or modifying DICOM-based applications to meet DICOM standards.

It is Medicor Imaging's vision to become the undisputed leader in bridging the gap between DICOM Standards for all users of digital imaging technology in the health care industry.

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Featured Customer Testimonial

"With a vision to provide the best dental care and a goal to become a paperless and digital dental school, we were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that was shown by Medicor Imaging in accomplishing and reaching the goals that were set forth by this university."

- Pat Ferrillo
UNLV School of Dental Medicine

Powered by LEADTOOLS, the World Leader in Imaging SDKs

MiPACS is developed with the award-winning LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDKs. If you are a software developer or are interested in more of what LEAD Technologies has to offer, take a look at LEADTOOLS.