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MiPACS Storage Server is a scalable, user-friendly, fast, modular and affordable PACS image archive. Based on the industry’s leading medical imaging engine from LEAD Technologies, MiPACS Storage Server is designed to work as the heart of a PACS (Patient Archive and Communication System), as well as a central repository for radiology and medical DICOM images and objects.

Built with a philosophy that encompasses a simple, yet practical design, Medicor Imaging has created a product with capabilities and features that exceed those of many other leading PACS servers, but is available at a fraction of the cost. Its affordable pricing model makes it perfect as a starting point for small to medium-size facilities trying to move to a digital environment.

MiPACS Storage Server is remarkably easy to deploy and maintain within any IT environment and provides an ideal way of reducing ongoing PACS administration costs. It is simple to learn, install, configure, to use and to service.

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MiPACS Storage Server Technical Specifications

Scalability MiPACS can be load-balanced or clustered using Microsoft Windows Network Load Balancing and Microsoft Windows Clustering Services.
Redundancy MiPACS can be clustered using Microsoft Clustering Services.
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, or 2008.
Data format All data is stored on a file system location in DICOM format. Proprietary formats are never used.
Support for DICOM Objects Support for all storage SOP classes defined in the DICOM 2008 updated standard.
Support for DICOM tags MiPACS Storage Server is a Type 2 Server, meaning it will store all private tags created by other applications as-is, and thus maintaining the integrity of the data.
DICOM Media Support Data can be directly imported from DICOM removeable media. Images can also be exported directly from the server to DICOM removable media.
Compression Support Support for lossy and lossless JPEG and JPEG2000 images, as well as support for uncompressed images. MiPACS Storage Server support will automatically convert the compression format of images if the modality retrieving the images does not support the compression type in which they were stored.
Access Control MiPACS Storage Server can be set to verify AE Titles, IP Addresses, and/or hostnames for connecting clients. Permissions for query/retrieve, storage, overwrite, and delete are granted per AE Title.
Encryption Communication with DICOM clients and other servers can use 128-bit encryption as defined by the DICOM protocol.
DICOM Services Supported Query/Retrieve (relational and non-relational), Storage, and Storage Commitment as Service Class Provider.
DICOM Conformance Statement Click here to download MiPACS Storage Server DICOM Conformance Statement.

MiPACS Router
MiPACS Router is a rule-based DICOM file router. When images are stored to MiPACS Storage Server, they can be automatically stored in one or more destination based on rules defined by the user. These rules can be based on any number of DICOM tags within the images, as well as date/time, the modality which stored the image’s AE Title, and more.

MiPACS Storage Server Add-on Modules
The modular design of the MiPACS Storage Server allows you to purchase only what you need. By itself, MiPACS Storage Server is a comprehensive PACS archive, but it is capable of much more with the following add-ons:

MiPACS WebViewer
MiPACS WebViewer is a basic radiology viewer based and installed via an ActiveX control within Internet Explorer 6+. Included are series comparisons, custom layouts, window level controls, region of interest selection,magnify,measurements, annotations, and more.

MiPACS Gateway
MiPACS Gateway allows work stations to send query/retrieve requests to only MiPACS Storage Server, and those requests are automatically relayed to any number of additional PACS Servers with query/retrieve support, without any additional configuration on the client workstation. MiPACS Storage Server acts as a gateway to the other servers, requiring that no additional firewall exceptions be made for those clients. Only one exception is required for the MiPACS Storage Server.

MiPACS Prefetcher
MiPACS Prefetcher automates retrieval of related images when images are forwarded or downloaded. IT can be configured to automatically retrieve images of the same body part and/or within a certain time frame for a patient when an image is downloaded to a viewing work station.

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